Call for Papers: The Geography of Economic Evolution

Call for Papers: The Geography of Economic Evolution

Call for Papers, AAG 2009 Special Session
Co-Sponsored by The Industrial Geographer and the Economic Geography Specialty Group

The Geography of Economic Evolution

While spatial variation of economic development and activity continues as the focus of activity in urban-economic geography, researchers in this field often extend their interests beyond the purely geographical to also include a time dimension. Such a concern flows from an interest not just in where economic activity is located, but also with how patterns of economic wealth and opportunity change over time. How individual businesses spread and develop, how location strategies change with the evolution of entire industries, and investigation of change in the geography of intercity business networks are all good examples of research done from such a perspective. This session features research that acknowledges and studies the spatial-temporal evolution of regional, national, and global economies. Our hope is that this session will serve as a catalyst for more and better space-time research in urban-economic geography.

Interested participants should send expressions of interest, questions, and/or title and abstract of 250 words or less to Murray Rice ([email protected]) and Ron Kalafsky ([email protected]) by October 10th.

Murray D. Rice
Department of Geography
University of North Texas
Tel: (940) 565-3861
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